Project 1
This illustration series was an outcome of my final year research project centred around the interactions and relationships between the built environment and it's inhabitants. It follows a line of inquiry into the term Topophobia meaning "fear of place".
I wanted to learn what a walk through Dublin City might be like for those with worries one might not consider when walking through themselves. I took sentiments from Dublin city residents in response to this theme, and found the responses could be categorised into four titles "The People", "The Crime", "The Monotony" and "The Roads". I took these four themes and created a series of urban surrealist illustrations. 
Shortlisted for the IDI Graduate Awards 2020
Published on Creative Howl's Inspiration Gallery
Published in Art Hole Magazine Issue 12
Sketches / Process
Project 2
Unwelcome Guests
This booklet provides information on the history behind how wildlife has entered the urban landscape as well as how they interact with the built environment.
    Throughout my research into “hostile design” the topic of design to remove/exterminate wildlife from city spaces continued to appear. These invasive and cruel methods can cause serious issues for the animals and ecosystems. This booklet is aimed at drawing attention to the reasons the wildlife have entered cities and their activities within, in hopes of de-villainizing the animals by educating the public. Hopefully with knowledge of the animal’s 
intentions/daily life, and of how they were all invited into the cities as a biproduct of humans in one way or another, they will be seen as less an unwelcome guest, and more as a part of an amalgamation of the natural and built ecosystems. 
Recognition: Commended in the IDI Graduate Awards 2020
Sketches / Process
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