Hello! My name is Béibhínn McCarthy. I am an Illustrator and Designer based in Dublin, Ireland.
Armed with a first class honours degree in Illustration from the National College of Art and Design, my little kitten Mika, and many mugs of coffee I am ready and available for freelance Illustration projects from editorial to children's books. I also have a keen interest in the world of animation and would love to explore design for animation, in particular visual development and background design, so if you have any projects like this send them my way! 
Please feel free to get in touch, even if it's just for a chat. My email is beibhinnmcc@gmail.com
Some People I've Worked With:
The Civic Theatre - Candlelit Tales - The Irish Times Magazine, The Ticket -Seal Rescue Ireland -STAND Student Festival- Fatti Burke - Tribes Press - The Art Shop - Ubumba Jewellery - Creatives Against Covid 19 - Mac Group Construction - Social Anxiety Ireland - Fighting Words - OrbScreen - Audi International Film Festival
Two Projects shortlisted for the IDI Graduate Awards 2020 - One Commended

Featured on:
-THE NEW NOW - Creative Howl Inspiration Gallery- Illustration Howl - Fairlichedi - Art Hole Magazine Issue: 12- Rté Lifestyle “10 Illustrators to buy from if you want to change up your space”- Art Hole Magazine Issue: 15

- Soon is NOW exhibition by Creatives Against Covid 19 at The Guinness Storehouse
 - STAND student festival's #RiseUp travelling exhibition to college campuses across Ireland
- NCAD graduate exhibition 2020
- Ice Cream for Crow exhibition Make.Liverpool festival in Liverpool UK 
- Audi International Film Festival 2018 NCAD exhibition in The Lighthouse Theatre ​​​​​​​
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