​​​​​​​Personal project to practice backgrounds, characters and concept art. Inspiration from Irish mythology and The Cattle Raid of Cooley.
Queen Meadhbh and King Ailill fight over who is wealthier. Each have their servants pile up their riches and queen Meadhbh seethes at the fact her husband’s champion bull makes him the wealthier of the two. 
The Queen finds an equally impressive bull, and makes an offer to the farmer who owns him. A deal is agreed upon, until the farmer overhears the queen’s men boasting that they would have taken the bull had he not agreed. Infuriated he withdraws from the arrangement.
In retaliation, the queen gathers together her army to steal away the farmer’s bull. However just before the battle, a fortune teller comes and foretells of a warrior from Ulster by the name of Cú Chulainn. Her prophecy dictates that he is more powerful than any in Ireland, and is waiting for her army. Feeling one young boy would be no match for her army of thousands the queen went ahead, but sure enough Cú Chullain was waiting, and he kills her army by the hundreds each day.
Cú Chulainn makes a deal with the queen. He agrees to stop murdering her men in such quantities, if she agrees to send him one man to fight per day. She complies, and Cú continues to win each battle, that is until the queen tricks Cú’s foster brother Ferdia into opposing him. A perfect match, the two fight for five days and five nights until finding a moment of weakness Cú plunges his spear into Ferdia’s chest, winning the battle. 
While the battle between Cú Chulainn and Ferdia had raged on, the queen had betrayed her agreement with Cú and stole away the bull. To finally decide who who was the richest, Queen Meadhbh had her bull fight against King Ailill’s and they fought for one day and one night. The queen’s bull arose victorious and was paraded around Ireland with it’s opponents remains hanging from its horns. 
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